Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Red Update


This is how we left her on a cold November day, wrapped in a blanket of white Tyvak to ward off the ice and snow that would be forthcoming.  Prior to our arrival in November a new entry had been added along with a stamped concrete porch.  No more moss covered green indoor/outdoor will we manage without that little gem?

She remained in this state until last week when my phone dinged the arrival of a text from the 7 AM Walkers (a.k.a. my good friends Marge & Marcia).  Work had begun again.

It took about 3 seconds to fire off a message to the contractor for an update and a request for pictures.  He responded that the former exterior walls in the kitchen had been removed along with the old ceiling in the great room.  There was progress to report on the plumbing and the rough electric is almost complete.  The new kitchen window was installed along with the new entry door; and heating ducts will go in next week.

There was good news to report with regard to the ceilings which were several inches shy of the standard 8'.  There was concern that the beams in the great room were more than decorative and would prohibit the new ceiling height from being raised.  Not so, we will now have 8' ceiling throughout but in the process have lost the old beams.  Mixed feelings about that.  They were fake, nothing really worth preserving except that I liked the look of them even though visually they lowered the ceiling even more.

Rumor has it that the new look is open and BRIGHT.  How exciting is that?  If you have ever visited Little Red you know that the great room was dark and tomb like.  Three coats of white paint had improved the look but nothing adds light better than removing walls.

No photos yet but I will share them with you when they arrive.


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Grammy said...

Can't wait to see it!! No more beams! That is sad!!