Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

If I admitted to you that I had no desire to stay up until midnight, watch the ball drop in NYC, or the country fall over the fiscal cliff, would you think badly of me?

The Kid and I had a quiet evening.  Watched a wonderful movie. (The King's Speech, in case you were curious.)  Drank champagne.  (At least I did.)  And went quietly off to bed before all of the hoopla began.  Does all of this make me old?  Please say no.

Poor, sweet Henna had a rough evening.  She spent most of it shaking like a leaf and wandering around the house looking for a place to hide.  Baby was stressed.  She doesn't like fireworks.

If I find some ambition this morning I will go for a walk.  Unfortunately, sometime in October, ambition went out for a walk on it's own and never returned.  I haven't had the motivation to go look for it.  If you happen to see it, please tell it to come home.


A little birdie and I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2013.

Happy New Year

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