Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Danger Lurks in Paradise

As if alligators cruising the peaceful waters of my back yard aren't bad enough, now we have THIS!

THIS 9-foot python was found under the pool deck of the house across the canal from us this week.  A 9-foot python in my back yard does not make me a happy camper.  In fact it makes my skin crawl, my stomach queasy and all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in protest.

It all happened on Wednesday afternoon as we (the bubbas & I) sat leisurely on the lanai soaking up the warm Florida sunshine.  One of the two days we have been able to do this since Christmas.  Suddenly 3 of Marco's finest along with two civilians appeared in the back yard of the house across the canal, my back yard neighbor if you will.  It was obvious they were searching for something as they were down on all fours looking under the pool deck, pointing here and there in an excited fashion.  Unfortunately their words would not carry on this calm day and we nosey observers were unable to discern just what they were searching for..but we had our suspicions.

Just the week before a much larger python was captured sunning itself on the tarmac of the Marco Island airport.  The airport, although not actually located on the island, is only a few short miles away and it left me with an uncomfortable feeling.  The problem is a growing concern in south Florida and this now makes it my concern.  

The following is a quote from the Naples News Press:

"Just how it got there is unclear.

Richie said the snake could have been someone’s pet, which she said she doubted.

“It could have come on the island in a landscaping truck, in a lawn-care vehicle,” said Richie.

But then again, it could have slithered its way over the S.S. Jollley Bridge that connects Marco from the mainland, she said.

“We’re not sure how it got here,” said Richie.

It was a first for Marco, said Richie.

Recently, more and more pythons are being discovered in the nearby Everglades, likely discarded pets left to fend for themselves in the harsh Florida environment, Dube said.

“They’re all over the Everglades now,” said Dube, “and even as far down in the Keys as Islamorada.” "

That is my house you can see in the background of this photo and this is all too close for comfort.  I have snake phobia as it is.  It's the reason we removed several hundred dollars worth of beautiful firecracker plants and replaced them with thorny bougainvilleas.  The black snakes loved to crawl up in the soft grassy masses and sun themselves on a warm winter day.  

It is also the reason I now refuse to take Henna for her last walk before bed.  She'll just have to hold it til morning when I can actually see what's lurking in the grass.  I can assure you that if I come face to face with one of these things you will find me racing up I75 as fast as my legs can carry me and I will not stop until I reach the safety of western PA where such things do not exist!!!


Susan Patton said...

Eeeeeek!!! That is a snake-zilla!!!! And to think there was a bigger one at the airport??? Scared of that...

Anonymous said...

You'll have to take up infrared to get your mind off of this! What a revolting development! -k-

Amy said...

My skin is crawling just reading and looking at this. Emily said we will come get you when your legs get tired, and you can stay in her room when you come.

Capt Suresh Sharma said...

Wowowowowo, love them all !

Audrey said...

Maine's sounding better than ever - moose, bears and all!