Thursday, March 25, 2010

God Bless Niecy Nash

Project 15 - Day 11

I am not a huge Dancing with the Stars fan. I enjoy the show, but I am not compelled to watch. And if I were being honest I would admit that the only reason I tuned in to Monday's season premier is curiosity. I was curious to see how that infamous reality star mom, Kate Gosselin would fare. She didn't fare well. I think Kate got a large dose of reality herself this week. She can't dance. Or perhaps she could if she would just relax and not worry about controlling everything. That, however, is her issue not mine. I control nothing, except for this blog. Although sometimes it controls me.

Sorry, I got a bit distracted. The person who did grab my attention on Monday night was the one and only Niecy Nash. If you have no idea who Niecy Nash is it is a good indication that you have more of a life than I do. Niecy is the host (or one of them) of Clean House. One of those reality shows that attempt to clean up the home of morbidly addicted hoarders. She is funny, she is upbeat and my oh my is she sassy.

But it wasn't what she did on the dance floor that was so impressive, although that wasn't bad either. In fact I thought her dancing was good, better than most. I will be rooting for her. It was what she said in her personal spot prior to the dance that impressed me. She proclaimed, on national television, that she did not want DWTS to cause her to lose her "jiggly parts." She went so far as to say that she loves her "jiggly parts" and would be crushed if they vanished. Can this possibly be? A television personality actually stating that they are comfortable with their body, jiggly parts and all?

I too like Niecy's jiggly parts, as long as they remain on her. I do not like them on me. In fact I loathe them on me. (And in my current state I have a lot to loathe.) I would love nothing better than for them to vanish. But I have to admit I admire that girl. She not only owns her jiggly parts, she embraces them. She cares not what others think and she is a happier person as a result. I should strive to be more like her.

And so I lift my glass high, I toast her Niecy. God Bless Niecy Nash.

Now pass the Girl Scout Cookies.


Susan Patton said...

God bless you and your cookies :)

Anonymous said...

I love this shot - reminds me of gently toasted marshmallows!