Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Girls

Project 15 - Day 4

We had a rather uneventful visit with the girls this year. I had high hopes that they would provide several days worth of blog fodder during their stay, but it was not the case. I also have to say that the weather was extremely uncooperative. These photos were taken on one of the rare days that the sun shone and provided enough warmth to offset the cold north wind.

What the girls love most about their annual visit to Florida is to sit on the lanai reading and/or working on their cross word puzzles. They are a fairly low maintenance duo. However, the unusually cold, wet winter weather squelched those plans and most days kept everyone on the inside looking out.

One afternoon, to break up the monotony, The Kid produced his softball glove for the girls to inspect. Although the glove is nearly as big as she is, Bubba acted like a seasoned pro and encouraged D to toss the ball her direction.

That's right Bubba, concentrate.

Don't take your eyes off of the ball. It's one of the first rules of the game.

Success! And nice catch. Score one for the nonagenarian. (Go ahead, look it up, it's a real word!)

And then there was Flos. In the name of fair play it must be noted that Flos had no sons. No boys to track in mud, collect bugs, or play baseball. When handed the rather large fielder's mitt, she seemed to be at a loss.

It required further inspection.

But in the end we had to straighten her out. No Mom, it's not a hat.

It's a glove.

In spite of the cold weather, and brisk north wind we had a great time with our visiting Mothers.

Come back again next year ladies.

We'll stock up on puzzle books and reserve your seats on the lanai. And if you're good, The Kid will break out one of those new bats and play a little Pepper with you.


Anonymous said...

Project 15 is a treat again today. The Girls look like they enjoyed the visit. Great portraits, as usual. You're making it hard on yourself with your Project 15, with eleven shots, instead of one today, but that's great with me! -k-

Amy said...

I love the picture of Gram. It looks like they both had fun, maybe you should get Bubba to join a softball league.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Really enjoyed your post and the photos of "the Girls" enjoying the moments with the mitts; great fun to read and "sit in" on the visit!
pete s.