Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Car Show

Project 15 - Day 2

In early February we attended an antique car show with my big sis and her hubby. The fact that I have just now located these files after six weeks is an embarrassment. But this is not going to be a glass half empty post. The files were not carelessly deleted as I once thought and that is reason enough to celebrate.

Who would have thought I would enjoy spending a couple of hours looking at vintage automobiles? Certainly not me. With the exception of the snazzy, red, "58" corvette that I would look quite youthful driving, old cars do not excite me. However, put a camera in my hand and it's a whole new ball game.

I think this creamy white car might have been a Rolls Royce but please don't ask about the red one. I have no idea what it is, other than shiny and colorful.

The blue Bel Air I remember. Mainly because we had a 1957 or 58 black and yellow one when I was growing up. It looked like a giant bumble bee rolling down the highway.

The Kid had a VW Bug much like the one pictured below. It was before my time but I've heard the stories. My big sis had a white one. She taught me how to drive it since I didn't know a thing about shifting gears. I was a good student. I listened carefully and did everything she instructed me to do, including never shifting into 4th gear. She said that I would not need it. I didn't, until one day while driving along the highway at 55 mph (conservatively speaking) one of my passengers tired of the grinding noise and enlightened me. I have not failed to use 4th gear since.

The blue Beatle is actually a reflection in the side of a shiny black Mustang. Shiny, black cars are good like that.

This one just screams hot rod doesn't it. Surely there were yellow flames painted on its sides. All self-respecting hot rods had yellow flames didn't they?

And then there is this car show staple. Enough said.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your design extractions and color saturation in the auto photos. I don't suppose we could convince you to expand your 15 day project? Or maybe it is time for someone to start the PEOD leg of online publishing: Picture Every Other Day. *grin* Beautiful car parts post!
pete s.irion

Audrey said...

What Pete said.....

Life in Color said...

Hi Pete. It seems you found your way here from there, there being Lightdance of course. I'm thinking that I like your idea of PEOD, it just could work for me. Thanks for the encouragement.

Life in Color said...

Hey Audrey - it was your cousin Susie who enlightened me on the whole 4th gear thing. I believe you were in the car. Now I have to ask why you didn't give me a heads up sooner or maybe you just enjoyed that grinding sound!!