Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Months

Project 15 - Day 14

I am missing these two sweet faces. You have no idea how much. It has been close to two months since I last saw them. Two months since I was called a "crazy old woman" by this one.

Two months since I received wet, sticky kisses and wiped a runny nose. Two months since I tucked this little guy in for the night and two months since I kissed that dimple.

Two months is an eternity in Grandma years. Why they might not even remember me. I better start packing. Two months is tooooooo long.


Susan Patton said...

This is so sweet, I could cry! What a wonderful grammy you are :) Hope you get there soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portraits. I want to ask you how do you DO that, but I'll just salute you, and comfort myself with the thought that some people can take portraits and some can't. You certainly can.