Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Henna in the Morning

Project 15 - Day 3

Photography is all about the light. When the light is extraordinary it really doesn't matter how ordinary the subject. Not that I think Miss Henna is ordinary, but the beautiful early morning light casts a warm glow on our little golden girl that brings this photo to life.

Kind of makes you want to run out and adopt a dog doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Good one! Let me think some more on the new dog question. -k-

Audrey said...

Beautiful photo! Our dogs run and hide the minute they hear the camera turn on..... What have we done to them?? Roxie literally shakes if I'm taking pictures - and they are not even of her because she is hiding in a corner somewhere!

Susan Patton said...

Oh, very nice puppy shot!

Amy said...

Wonderful picture of Henna. And yes it does make you want a dog. But don't tell JR.

Marla Logan said...

I love it!!! You have such a talent!!! Henna is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful portrait in sweet, sweet light! Just the dog to pick up the overtones, too!