Monday, March 22, 2010

The Jolly Llama

Project 15 - Day 8

On Saturday I received a request from Karsten, the grandson of my good friend -k-, for a photo of a horse showing its teeth. And while no such file exists in my large library of images the request jogged my memory. So Karsten, this one's for you buddy.

Ain't she sweet? If there is an orthodontist out there this could be a carreer maker for you. Correct this underbite and clients will be beating down your door and lining up for miles.

A large bottle of conditioner would also be helpful.

1 comment:

K. Grace said...

I'll forward immediately! I'm sure the questions will be, "Does he bite you?," and, "Is he nice?"I think my answer would be that he might, but there would be no malice involved. These are great. -k-