Saturday, March 20, 2010

Williamsburg Revisited

Project 15 - Day 6

One of the benefits of this self imposed exercise in productivity, aka Project 15, is taking a look back. I find myself perusing old files in search of photos that I failed to process the first time around. Perhaps they missed the first cut, or quite possibly I became distracted and moved on to the next batch and simply forgot about them. Whatever the reason, they are being rediscovered and it's a bit like Christmas or receiving a belated birthday present.

A year ago last December we visited Colonial Williamsburg, VA. It was a round about way to get to Florida from western PA but it worked. It was also an experiment of sorts with regard to traveling with Henna. That worked too.

Overall I was disappointed with the shots I brought home. The weather was a bit dreary, but a real photographer would consider this a challenge not an excuse. And sometimes I get too caught up in the whole that I forget to look at the parts. It is usually the parts that make the best photographs.

This particular shot of the Apothecary Shop was processed with a touch of Spicify from Topaz Adjust and a hint of Nik's Efex Pro's Bleach By Pass filter. Using the two is a bit counter intuitive but I like the end result. What I don't like is the fact that this photo is soft. My focal point seems to be on the back left hand wall instead of on the display in the front. I know that I was shooting indoors without a flash and with a wide open aperture. This adds to the depth of field. Simply put not everything is in focus.

I like to think of this fellow as Mr. Ed. Remember Mr. Ed? A horse is a horse, of course of course and...well you get the gist. His white blaze has a bit of a blue tint, I should go back and fix that.

That's better. I wouldn't want Mr. Ed to be feeling blue.

Now this one, this one is a diamond in the rough. A little gem of a shot that brightens my day and makes me smile.

Didn't I tell you that parts make the best photos?


K. Grace said...

I love the surprises that come from going back in files armed with new knowledge and new software. I remember the original photos posted after your Wmsburg trip. These are every bit as good. Love what you have done with the apothecary shop. Topaz Detail brings out incredible detail, and the bleach treatment is perfect. Love it. Karsten would like to see a picture of the horse with its teeth showing, please. -k-

Life in Color said...

-k- Tell Karsten I shall have something just for him on Monday.