Monday, March 15, 2010

Project 15

I know several people who are participating in either a Project 365 or a Photo a Day project. Simply put this means that something is posted every day on either a blog site or a PAD site for an entire year. This bothers me. How do these people do it? I have more time on my hands than most yet my productivity level is well below average. Why is that? Don't answer, at least not out loud, I might hear you.

My good friend -k- not only has a PAD site, but also a blog that she updates on a regular basis. And even though she denies it, her productivity level is soaring and her work is beautiful. (You can check it out here threedogstudio and here Lightdance.) This also bothers me. Not that she is productive, but the fact that I am not.

So, I have decided to do something about it, at least for the next 15 days. (I have a little commitment problem. Remember the diet?) From now until the end of the month I am going to post something every day. Many days it might be nothing more than a photograph but something new will appear on this page every day from now until April 1st.

I think I shall call it Project 15.

Let the fun begin.


Anonymous said...

Great start on your Project 15. Somehow you've managed to beautify an alligator! I will look forward every morning to opening my computer to your self imposed productivity. Thanks for the publicity. I'll return the favor starting tomorrow. I'm so productive that I posted and scheduled today's PAD yesterday. Heh heh! I couldn't resist putting that in! -k-

Audrey said...

I am SO looking forward to this! I'll be checking in each morning.

Bethany Patton said...

I don't know....if you're anything like Pappy, you will change your mind about this little project. Good luck though...I'll be checking in on you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is neat..nice crisp shot of the alligator lurking in the waterweeds! How did you get so nearly perpendicular and over the critter?
I'm glad I followed the link in -k-'s post this morning, great image!
pete s.

Life in Color said...

First to my nay sayer just wait Henry Higgins, you just wait!

And to Pete - I far as I could out over the rail. Then I prayed I wouldn't fall in!!