Friday, April 16, 2010

Bar Scenes

Project 15 - Day 33

We returned late Wednesday evening from a wonderfully relaxing 4-day excursion to Orlando. Yes, my friends it is possible to use the words relaxing and Orlando in the same sentence, especially if you stay at a lovely boutique hotel in the little town of Celebration. More to come on that.

On Sunday evening we soaked in the night life the quiet community had to offer. Those of you who know me at all know that I am often referred to as the "one drink wonder." And while I enjoy sitting at the bar listening to good music and making new friends my attention span is limited. My mind begins to wander. If I have the good fortune to have a camera handy things like the following happen while my rowdy friends are enjoying the chaotic atmosphere.

This one isn't the best, but things improved as the night wore on. Our first stop was a lovely little Irish Pub that was managed by a Spaniard...go figure. The reason there is no Murphys or Harp on the table is that we are (ahem) watching our waistlines!

It's always good to include a little solid food along the way.

Stop number 2, also the final resting place for the evening, (remember I told you it was a small town) was a hoppin open air bar/restaurant with some pretty terrific music going on.

At one point I set the camera on the bar and just snapped and rotated. Not bad huh?

Before the night was over the musician became our new best friend.

This last one is my favorite. I love the colors and the nice soft background (boca).

It proved to be a stellar evening spent with good friends (both old and new), great entertainment and the kind of weather we've been craving for months.


Anonymous said...

VERY productive use of time.

Life in Color said...

It's my version of a pub crawl!