Sunday, April 11, 2010


Project 15 - Day 28

My feet are getting itchy. My left eye is beginning to twitch. That can only mean one thing. It is time for a cruise. Sadly none is eminent. In order to prevent a complete melt down of my central nervous system we are heading north, back to Orlando and the wonderful world of all things Disney.

I am hoping a visit with the mouse will quell the nomad in me for a few weeks. And when did that happen? I was always such a homebody. I enjoyed a vacation but never felt the need to be on the move half of the year. But now, now I live for the next adventure. The next port. The next man camp . The next sunrise in a new location. The next sunset in a distant land. I have been bitten by the travel bug. Injected with a potent serum whose effect does not seem to diminish over time. I am compelled to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Soon!

And so Orlando it is. Today.

After all it's "the place where dreams come true."


Anonymous said...

It's the photographer in you. Always a need for more, more, more photos.

Incidently, I received a spam comment on my PAD yesterday that made me think of you. "Did you know you can prevent deadly PAD if you know exactly what to do?" The spam did not elaborate further on the course of action you should take, but I thought it would comfort you to know there is hope against the deadly PAD.

Life in Color said...

-k- LOL on the deadly PAD. I think it's only deadly when you are responsible to post them, shear pleasure if you are only doing the lurking. Ahem, looking.