Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Pledge Allegiant

Project 15 - Day 41

When a good friend of mine relocated to Greenville, SC a year ago, he contacted me and asked if we had discovered Allegiant Air. We had not. It didn't take long for The Kid & I to uncover the benefits of this little known gem in the low-cost carrier division of commercial airlines.

There are many benefits to flying Allegiant and none of them have anything to do with free in flight beverages and snacks or bags flying free. Those things are nonexistent on Allegiant. You do get a seat with a seat belt but that's where the frills end.

The benefits begin here: Cheap flights. Cheap, cheap flights. As in, sometimes $9.99/one way cheap flights.

I admit I had qualms about that. After all for $9.99 is there any guarantee the thing will actually get off the ground? But the doubts were pushed aside when benefit #2 was uncovered:
Cheap flights to Greenville, SC, home of the offspring of my offspring.

Not only are the flights cheap to Greenville, but they are direct. DIRECT people, do you realize what that means? Only one take-off and one landing to suffer through. No Hartsfield or Charlotte Regional to navigate. It's cheap, no-stop flying and I am all about that. While drugs are no longer required in order for me to board one of these things, the less time I spend on them the happier I am. My hair is white enough already.

And so today I pledge my allegiance to Allegiant. Cheap, non-stop flights to Greenville makes it oh so worth looking out of one of those teeny, weeny windows on the world and seeing this

Because when I do, I know that I am getting ever closer to seeing this:

and this.

And that makes this Grammy's heart take flight and soar.

See you real soon A & G, Grammy's on her way.


Susan Patton said...

Awww....I love this post :) Enjoy your time with those beautiful babies. You're a wonderful grammy!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Are you sure no drugs are needed?

Bethany Patton said...

Bring it Grammy! Gabe is so excited he is not wanting to nap today....I think I'll let you handle him tonight.