Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Many Faces of a Princess

Project 15 - Day 45

Sunday morning I had a little impromptu photo shoot with our resident princess. I don't think I need to remind you that she is not fond of having her picture taken. She is a pro at averting those big blue eyes of hers. The fact that she was willing to cooperate at all was a most pleasant surprise.

At four she is not only sugar and spice and all things nice but she has a few snips, snails and puppy dog tails thrown in for good measure. Miss A is know to be tender hearted, loves all living creatures and her favorite section at the zoo is the reptile house. I know this because I spent part of Monday morning carefully inspecting each and every cage contained therein.

She loves the girly things in life (Aunt Jen Jen should be very proud), pretty dresses, jewelry, pink finger nail polish & happily ever after movies. She hates hats and her taste in shoes currently runs along the lines of lime green, sparkly flip-flops.

Independence is her middle name. She has a mind of her own and will emphatically remind you of that lest you forget. She is a good big sister. She loves her little brother. There are more hugs than bugs in their relationship.

She will break a heart or two while searching for her prince charming. But one day he will ride into her life on his trusty steed. When he does I sure hope he has a good job.

After all he's going to have a lot of pretty dresses to buy.


Tim Logan said...

Our little Princess is growing up. A blink of an eye and with a toe of a toad and she will be meeting her prince.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and your pictures are fabulous. A class in portraiture? You should be teaching it!

Marla Logan said...

Maw-Maw LOVES the pics!! Great job once again Grammy!! Can I have a copy????? Hope you enjoyed your visit.