Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Words

Project 15 - Day 27

This was one of the comments following Thursday's blog post: "Very nice. Where's the story to go with it?"

Now she wants more words. It was bad enough that her level of creativity got under my skin causing me to began this silly project in the first place. At one point she kindly offered encouragement with this comment: "for some people keeping up with a PAD means only posting a photo. Words are nice (better) but not necessary."

It's never enough is it? I completed my mission. I gave you 15, no make that 17 uninterrupted days, just as I promised. And then I let you goad me into continuing for another month. I was pleased as punch with myself too. Twenty six consecutive days of blogging. Twenty six days you have come to the well and found it full. I have been fruitful. I have multiplied. Twenty six days of photographs and fun.

But now she wants more words.


I feel better now that I have gotten that off of my chest. Blogging will resume as usual tomorrow.

An oh yea, I still love ya -k-.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan. Susan.

I was up early this morning thinking there wouldn't be much to check in emails on Saturday, but Susan's PAD would be there. I wondered what it would be today. Turns out it was some weird woman trying to take a photograph in the middle of the day, surrounded by the worst kind of contrasty light. Looks like it is about 100 degrees in the shade, too. Oh, but I think I already wrote your story for you on this one, didn't I? I didn't see any credit for that! I only saw complaints about feeling proud of yourself and having fun with your photos, and having encouraging friends who anxiously wait for their daily allotment of your PAD to arrive on their screens.

Well, THAT was fun! What else you got? Keep those PAD's coming.

BTW, where did you ever find such teeny, tiny font? I almost missed that last line. Right back at ya on that one! :)