Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gone in 60 Seconds

Project 15 - Day 44

The past two mornings my first cup of Jo has been a solitary experience. Normally that's my preference, but when I'm visiting the SC side of the family I miss sharing it with the sweet baby boy that used to reside at here. That's the way it used it to be when I would visit. Gabers & I would awaken early, while the house was still dark and a little mysterious. We would share that first cup of java along with all of our hopes and dreams.

Those days are gone now. Vanished. Gone in sixty seconds along with bottles, formula and jars of baby food. They have been replaced by an impish bundle of energy.

A little boy who never stays in one place longer than a flash of lightening. A little boy who plays and explores with the innocence and curiosity only a child can exhibit. Who has more facial expressions than I can catch with my camera. Whose mood changes in the blink of an eye from this to

this. And for no other reason than Daddy wouldn't offer him a sip of his Coke. It doesn't last long though, before you can say Grammy is a sucker all is forgotten and he is off on another adventure.

To me he will always be Gabers, my sweet baby boy. I will aways cherish my early morning memories. But now I also treasure the silence. Because as soon as those little eyes pop open after a good night's sleep the day has officially begun...for everyone.

There is no rest for the weary. I think I better pour a second cup while I can.


Tim Logan said...

You will need a second cup to keep up with Gabe! Beautiful thoughts and ones I can empathize with.

Marla Logan said...

Who does that handsome little boy take after??? What a Sweetie!! I miss them. Thanks for sharing!!