Friday, April 30, 2010

Fire in the Sky

Project 15 - Day 47

I am an early riser. I like the darkness and the quiet of the early morning and sometimes I get to enjoy some pretty spectacular sights with the first cup of the day. On the morning I left for SC, I awoke to this.

I almost missed it because I was too busy pouring that life blood of the morning, that I failed to notice. But once it grabbed my attention I forgot about the coffee and went for the camera.

Moments like this are fleeting, if you snooze you loose...pun intended.

Now it's confession time, the straight out of the camera picture didn't look exactly like this. Oh it was close and in my head this is what I remember of that beautiful morning so that's how I made it look. A little tweaking and voila the photograph matches the memory. I call that making good use of the tools at hand.

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