Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Photo Shoot

Project 15 - Day 48

One of the things that I share with my daughter-in-law is a love of photography. While I gravitate more to landscapes and nature she is honing her skills as a portrait photographer. She is getting quite good at it too. Of course she has captive subjects to photograph day in and day out which gives her the practice she needs to reach the level she desires. And she's pretty darn close if you ask me, but you can see for yourself here and here. You can imagine that when the two of us get together we talk shop and everyone else in the room is bored to tears.

During my recent visit B mentioned that she has been wanting to take her children to downtown Greenville for a photo shoot. There are some beautifully restored old buildings in the area that cause portrait photographers to swoon.  I was immediately on board and soon a plan was on the table.

My job for the morning was to be the photographer's assistant. I ended up being the official Gabe chaser. Miss A really got into the project posing like a seasoned pro (there was that promise of a visit to the zoo when we finished - well placed bribery can work miracles) .  The G-man darted here and there lighting only for a brief second or two before moving on to whatever caught his attention. It's what 2-year olds do. I managed to get a few shots which you can see below.

Cut to Size, the perfect backdrop for the G-man.

This was our first location, a beautiful old brick wall.

But this place, this place was to die for.

(Sorry we're back to the brick wall again...but only for a minute.)

You cannot possibly look at this photo without smiling or at least breaking out in a huge grin.  The G-man looks like a Snake Oil salesman hawking his wares.

A little behind the scenes action for your viewing pleasure.

It was a great morning. I got to do what I love to do with people that I love even more. It just doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for the fun B, A & G-man.

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Susan Patton said...

I love seeing you two in action - what a dynamic duo you make. And how fabulous is downtown Greenville? Your locations were heavenly. Can't wait to see more!