Monday, May 3, 2010

At the Zoo

Project 15 - Day 50

As I mentioned in a previous post we piqued the kid's interest in our Downtown Greenville photo shoot by promising the kids a visit to the zoo. (A informed us she would think about it and let us know.) If you ever visit Greenville, SC a visit to the zoo is a must. First and foremost it is a kid friendly place. But more importantly you can actually see the animals. I have been to a few small town zoos that while they do a great job, unless the animals are in a certain area it may take you an hour to locate them within their habitat, if at all. Not so at the Greenville zoo. Most of the inhabitants are up close and personal. It may be small, but it is a must see if you are in the area.

Cat Nap

A loves to visit the reptile house. She knows what is in each and every cage (having visited many times in the past 3 years) and she wants to make certain that you see each and every one of those creepy crawlys.

It was feeding time for many of the animals during our visit. The elephants were chowing down on fresh hay and paying no attention to the passers-by.

The Azaleas and other spring flowers were in full bloom and A couldn't resist picking a blossom.

I wish some of these were a little sharper. I am currently having some focusing issues and am not certain if it is camera or photographer related.

I love giraffes. The spots, the long necks, the big brown eyes...what's not to love. Makes me want to head to Toys-R-Us.

The G-man wasted no time hitting the equipment when we stopped at the playground for a break.

This one is my favorite shot of the day. I love the hands and the thoughtful expression on his face.

Happy Monday everyone and for all those in the path of that monster storm making it's way across the country, stay dry and safe.

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Tim Logan said...

I think I enjoy going to the zoo as much as the kids. It is a great kid friendly zoo. I know you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for the pictures.