Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out My Back Door

Project 15 - Day 49

Just outside of my back door a palm tree is has sprouted. This miniature version of the rather large Royal Palm that stands beside it has been beckoning me for weeks. I see it every day and I always tell myself that when the light is right I'm going to head out with my macro lens and grab some photos.

Finally the light was right. A 105mm macro lens was used with the camera sitting on a tripod. It is essential to use a tripod when attempting to capture a macro shot. For me it is the only way to get a sharp picture.

I have attempted to capture this little palm in the past but came up short. This time I believe I got a keeper.


Susan Patton said...

That is lovely! I love the lighting, the pattern and that glorious green...definitely eye candy!

K. Grace said...