Thursday, May 6, 2010


Project 15 - Day 53

We had been planning a trip to Nashville for several weeks. There is a certain lot on Old Hickory Lake with a dock that needs repaired. And then the weekend storms hit causing a hick-up in our rarely firm plans. When one travels with The Kid one must always be prepared for sudden changes of direction. On the heels of the storm, our assistance was needed by our children. (For those of you wondering, C & J, Nashville residents, fared better than most in their Belleveu neighborhood taking on water in their basement. Carpet may need to be replaced but otherwise things are in pretty good shape. More on that later.)

The original itinerary included a stop at Callaway Gardens in GA. That stop had to be scrapped due to the weather. Instead we opted to head west across I10 and do some exploring in Tallahassee. Once again weather conditions put a damper on our plans but we did manage to locate the Old Capital Building in downtown. A newer more modern building now houses most of the government goings on but the old one stands as a reminder of simpler times.

It is a beautiful old building surrounded by aging oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. You can't get more old south than that.

Spring flowers were also in bloom, while not quite as bountiful as the ones in SC the previous week they still made for a nice change of pace for this transplanted northerner.

Across the street from the old capital building a large American flag was suspended from granite pillars. It was billowing gracefully in the wind surrounded by more of those stately oaks and Spanish Moss. I used a little of NIKs Glamor Glow filter to add a dreamy quality to the scene. I believe it is my favorite shot on this day.

I don't think there is an abundance of things to see and do in Tallahassee but enough to keep this location on the bucket list for a repeat visit.

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Audrey said...

I had been wondering about C&J. Glad to hear they didn't fare too badly!

Lovely shots of Tallahasee.