Monday, April 26, 2010

The Final Chapter, Literally

Project 15 - Day 43

I am a published author. No, seriously, I am a published author. I have produced a book, a 60 page, hardcover photography book. There are 16 known copies in existence. Sixteen people actually purchased my book. Of course those people are featured prominently within its pages, but who's counting?

Remember a couple of months ago when I was photographing The Kid and his senior softball teammates for a portfolio development class I was taking? (If you don't you can refresh your memory here.) Since the team did so well this season and I had all of those pictures just sitting on my hard drive, we decided to compile a book featuring Joeys' Pizza's Championship Season. was used as the publisher for our little project and I have to tell you they did a fantastic job. The software is easily downloaded, and even easier to navigate. You can make adjustments if you aren't satisfied with the presets, add and delete pages to your hearts content, and move text and photos around until you are dizzy. We selected a hard cover edition with photos on the front and back covers and opted to upgrade the paper to a premium grade. It took less than 10 days from the time the book was uploaded to Blurb's web site until the day UPS delivered the little beauties.

The final project is pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself. The boys loved them. It was a fitting end to Joey's Championship Season.

If I manage to do this correctly, you can preview the book below. It won't allow me to down load the entire 60 pages for your viewing pleasure but enough for you to get the idea.

I'm thinking it might reach #1 on Amazon's Best Seller list.


Susan Patton said...

Wow!!!!! It looks FABULOUS! Congratulations to all of you. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Oprah soon :)

Audrey said...

Fitting end to a great season!

K. Grace said...