Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Word of Warning


August must be slump month for me.  No words.  No energy.  No creativity.

This laissez faire attitude has overtaken my writing and found it's way into my photography; creeping along and ever so slowly coating every aspect of my creative spirit in a thick coat of I don't care.  I'm still taking a photograph a day.  But there is little joy in the process.

I know from experience that this too shall pass.  I will awaken one bright sunny morning to find inspiration and motivation coursing through my veins.  Until then I will continue to do what I do and wait for the energy to return.

But it won't be pretty.

Just thought I should warn you.

1 comment:

Tim Logan said...

Maybe you should take a break if it has become a chore. I love your writings and photography.
Thanks for sharing a gift God has given you!