Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rescue, The Four Legged Variety

The faint mewling was first heard late one evening by one of my neighbors.  A quick look around turned up nothing and the incident was forgotten.  Until the next day, when it was heard again by another of my neighbors.  Further investigation uncovered a tiny kitten huddled in fear behind some weeds along side of their barn.


He was a wee one.  Pitifully thin and barely hanging on but wide eyed and extremely vocal.  Support troops were called to action and the rescue was on.  Who was he?  Where had he come from?  Were there more?  All good questions, but none with answers.   However one thing was certain, he was staying.  It was only a matter of whose house he would be moving into.  


Our friends and neighbors to the south stepped up and determined he belonged to them.  Soon a kennel lined with a soft cloth appeared along with a bowl of softened cat food and the process of finding him a name commenced.  Lucky?  Jackpot?  Barny?  For a short time Yuengling was the front runner until Greenbay was suggested immediately followed by Packer.  Packer he became.  (His new father is a Packer fan.)  In short order he was hauled to the vet for an examination and his first set of inoculations.


 I gave him a few days to adjust to his new environment and then went in for the kill, ummm,  photo shoot.  Initially the click of the camera sent him scurrying for cover but eventually he adjusted.



I'm happy to report that Packer is happy and healthy and adapting quickly to his new home.


He has an elderly big sister who isn't enthusiastic about the new addition to the family.  But his new owners?


I'd say their over the moon.

Rescue complete.  Mission accomplished.

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Audrey said...

He is adorable! So glad he has a cozy new home... CUTE pictures.