Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

The summons to come outside and bring my camera came in a quiet but commanding voice.  Whatever The Kid had spotted, I knew it must be good.  In silence we made our way through the maze of trees that dot the lake side of our property and then I saw it.  Perched on a sturdy branch in a nearby tree he sat, in all of his majestic splendor, an adult American Bald Eagle.


You can't imagine the thrill it gave me to see this magnificent bird up close and personal in the wild.

I had seen him once previously.  Had startled him away from feeding on a turtle along the shore line.  The Kid had spied him several times flying low over the neighborhood, but this time he stopped and sat a spell.


As I inched my way closer I was surprised that he stayed put for such a long time. It was as if he were posing for me.


 Eventually he grew tired of my intrusion and prepared for take off.


I swear I got goose bumps as those enormous wings unfolded.  He streaked past me a flash, circled the cove once and in a matter of seconds was gone.


He left in his wake a moment I will treasure for a life time.

Do you think if I promise not to stalk him he might return?


Audrey said...

So Awesome!

Judy H. said...

I especially like the second one, with his wings both up and just leaving the branch. Of all the eagle pictures I have seen, this one shows the true disparity in the size of the wings in comparison to his body. You have caputred some spectacular photos here.