Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Red Gets A Face Lift


After two years and many incarnations plans for the renovation of The Little Red Cottage have been completed.  Phase one is about to commence.  It is with mixed emotions that I await the arrival of the wrecking crew who will detach the wobbly old garage from the main structure and remove it in a flurry of dust and debris.  Replacing it with a slightly larger addition that when finished will afford us two bedrooms, a second bathroom and a much needed utility room.

We knew from the beginning change would be necessary.  A second bedroom was a priority along with a proper place to enjoy a meal indoors without the need to rearrange furniture.  Initially The Kid wanted to tear her down and start fresh.  An idea I just could not wrap my head around.  I have always had a love affair with old buildings, old houses and old things.   There was no way I could allow her to be torn down.  Our old gal has great bones and a beautiful soul.  I felt it the minute I first stepped inside on the fateful July morning.  And so I dug in my heals and eventually The Kid conceded defeat.  She would live.

There have been several starts, stops and missteps along the way but I think we have finally found the right formula.  One that provides us with some additional elbow room and yet maintains the integrity of the original structure.

I believe I will rest better at night knowing The Little Red Cottage will be around for the next sixty years.  Like all of us old gals, she just needs a little face lift.


Judy H. said...

Looking forward to a pictorial commentary of the face lift.

Audrey said...

Me too!

Grammy said...

First of all, can't believe it has been 2 years already!! Second, I can't wait to see the face lift!! Glad you dug your heels in and didn't listen to my big brother!!